Language and Medicine

Welcome to Language & Medicine!


News: We are very pleased to announce that the Universitätsrat has granted Language & Medicine the status of a competence centre. We look forward to advance this innovative transdisciplinary field within this new institutional structure.


Language&Medicine is an initiative of interdisciplinary researchers and clinicians at the University of Zurich and the University Hospitals with a shared interest in language in medical contexts, for instance voice, speech and language plasticity, linguistic mirrors of pathology and challenges of innovative health communication in the digital age.

We first got together in summer 2018 with a vision that by crossing disciplinary, methodological and paradigmatic boundaries in this field, there is an enormous potential to be unlocked both in terms of theoretical insights into the functioning of language, speech, hearing and communication as well as in terms of concrete applications that improve individual and public health.

Pursuing this vision, we are currently building-up a network of researchers, clinicians, and other interested parties (for instance lay researchers/experts by experience, patient organisations etc.), organising events and seeking to establish sustainable research structures for Language&Medicine at the UZH. 

This website makes visible existing research in Language&Medicine at the UZH and is intended to link-up people with an interest in this area and thus to inspire new collaborations and ideas for projects. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with the coordinators or come to our next meeting!