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Anke Maatz

Anke Maatz, MA MD

  • University Hospital of Psychiatry and Department of Psychiatry Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

As a senior resident at the University Hospital of Psychiatry and against the background of my postgraduate training in philosophy, my interest in language in medicine lies with language as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in my everyday psychiatric-psychotherapeutic practice, with linguistic communication on mental health and illness outside therapeutic settings, and - more generally - with the ways in which language interacts with how we think about and experience mental health and illness.

In a current research project Let's talk about it! But how? which I co-lead with the linguist Yvonne Ilg and the expert by experience Henrike Wiemer, we investigate communicative strategies to verbalise and thereby share experiences of mental illness. 

My hope is that by crossing disciplinary, methodological and paradigmatic boundaries between medicine and linguistics as well as between academic, clinical and experiential expertise, my research provides new insights into mental health and makes concrete contributions to improve how we respond to mental illness as individuals and as society.